COCK SNATCHER – Gay hardcore video with Thomas Friedl and Mirko Heres

gay hardcore video


cock snatcher


Release Date: October 7, 2019

Starring: Thomas Fridel, Mirko Heres

Written & Directed by Nick Mazzaro



Construction worker Thomas Friedl gets a rest break from work aside the highway. While Thomas is taking a nap, Mirko Heres walks by and takes advantage of the situation. He takes off Thomas’ wallet and runs away. Thomas takes notice of it and runs after him. It doesn’t take long until Mirko gets caught. Thomas is angry at him and wants revenge. He pushes Mirko down to his knees he opens his pants and takes out his rock hard dick. Thomas looks down with contentment as Mirko skillfully sucks on Thoma’s massively large cock. Thick spit appears as Mirko deepthroats Thomas’ shaft and sucks his hefty balls. Horny pig Mirko takes good care to make sure that every inch is serviced, and keeps up the work until he’s ready to take it up his ass. Before letting Thomas penetrate him, Thomas turns around, and exposes his ass to Mirko’s tongue. Mirko eagerly tongues Thomas’ hairy hole.

The horny studs’ testosterone contiunes to rage as Thomas turns Mirko around to get a good look at his perfect inviting ass. Mirko’s tight hole is ready to be fucked. Mirko’s face is overcome with ecstasy as he feels Thomas’ huge cock begin to fuck him wildly. Thomas pounds away as if it’s the last asshole he’ll ever plunge, stretching Mirko to the absolute limits with each slam from his swollen groin. Thomas grunts and drives every inch deep into Mirko’s well-worked back door as Mirko screams out for more. Mirko is in the mood to eat some cum and gets down between Thomas’ muscular thighs to take every last drop the stud has to offer on his face and in his hungry mouth.

gay hardcore video


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