THE BAVARIAN Gay Porn – Behind The Scenes

THE BAVARIAN Gay Porn is a new video that I have shot in July of this year during the Gay Pride weekend in Frankfurt. Hans Berlin, a well-known porn star of German origin, is one of the actors in this video. Hans contacted me a few weeks before the shoot and told me that he will be visiting Frankfurt for the Gay Pride in mid July. I promptly asked him if he would be available for a shoot during his stay in Frankfurt. I was very happy to get a positive response from him and I was very happy and very excited to work with him again.

The first time I shot with him was in May of this year. We have shot an outdoor video called Cock Hunters. Cock Hunters is one of the most watched videos and became very fast one of the top 10  videos on

This time, I wanted to do something different, so I thought about it all the time, how to set up the shoot. One of my site members and also a big fan of Hans Berlin contacted me and asked me if I could fulfill one of his biggest wishes regarding Hans Berlin. He wanted to see Hans Berlin in a Bavarian Gay Porn outfit and that he also speaks with a Bavarian dialect. I told him I will do my best to fulfill his wish at least to some extent.

My next step was to find an appropriate shooting location and a shooting partner for Hans. I knew that Hans would prefer to be bottom, so I was looking for a top guy. I wanted someone to be taller than Hans, a kind of guy between bodybuilder and daddy. Ralph came to my mind. I’ve shot with Ralph in the past and was very happy with his performance. So I asked Ralph and he immediately agreed.

At this time, I had a shooting partner for Hans and the only thing missing was a location for the shoot. I was wondering all the time, which location would be the most suitable for the shoot. It was Gay Pride time, a lot of guys in leather were around cruising in the city, also a lot of gay parties and events were scheduled. Klaus came to my mind. Klaus is the owner of the RAW Fetish Store in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. The store exists since November 2017. I have been in the store before and have already had met Klaus in person. So I thought the store would be the perfect location for the shoot. I asked Klaus, and after he agreed, I was very excited and could not wait to start shooting.


bavarian gay porn


The shoot went very well on Sunday, although the weather was very hot and we were all sweating during the shoot. Once again I was very impressed by the outstanding and very professional performance of Hans Berlin. This guy was really made for porn. We all had a great time at the shoot. I would also like to thank the whole team, and especially Klaus, for allowing us to shoot in his store. Klaus is a very nice guy, he was very helpful and was always there when we needed something. He also provided us with all the outfits, clothes and accessories for the shoot.

If you live in Frankfurt or plan to visit Frankfurt, you should visit the RAW Fetish Store on Brückenstraße 36. The shop offers a very wide variety of leather and fetish clothes of all kinds, but also toys, accessories and much more.

I asked Thomas one of the guys from my production team if he could shoot the “Behind the Scenes” video while I was busy shooting the actual movie.

This video gives an idea of what is happening behind the scenes, the setting up and the work of the actors and the production team. I am very happy with the shoot and the result, the whole work and effort was definitely worth it.

So lean back guys and enjoy!

Nick Mazzaro

“THE BAVARIAN Gay Porn” Behind The Scenes  39:10min.




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  1. love the making off. would have liked to see more of Hans Converse sneakers in the action… but hey. 🙂

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