THE MAKING OF BOY FOR SALE – Behind the Scenes Video

the making of boy for sale


Inside knowledge of the latest video release from Frankfurt Sex Stories. Exclusive behind the scenes access to the House of Boys where we shot our “Boy for Sale” video. Unseen footage of the boys private quarters, where what happens there stays there. Enjoy exclusive shots from the movie featuring porn stars Roman Capellini and Darek Kraft. Giant dicks, hungry holes and a lot of cum guzzling bareback action!


the making of boy for sale gay video

Darek Kraft and Roman Capellini in BOY FOR SALE directed by Nick Mazzaro

Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories | Release Date, 9 March 2021




Roman Capellini

roman capellini gay porn actor

Roman Capellini is a male performer whose adult industry career started in 2019. He is originally from Venezuela, no doubt from his dark, sexy features. This boy is famed for his big uncut cock, an 8.5″ length of meaty pleasure. He has worked in movies produced by several studios. Roman is extremely skilled and has acted in movies which are associated with several categories. Roman exudes sensuality through his bedroom eyes, glowing face and especially that perfect ass made just for fucking. You’ll want to pound that cute bottom all day long. Roman made his debut with Frankfurt Sex Stories in Bunker #1 together with Jeremy Chris. More info…







Darek Kraft

darek kraft german gay porn actor

Darek Kraft is one of the sexiest muscle daddies you’ll ever come across. He’s got a great body, a great smile, and a great big cock to please all the men. Darek is new in the porn business and he’s been showing his love and lust onscreen since 2019. His thick mushroom head is what really gets everyone’s attention. Darek is a hot barebacking top that most bottoms dream about. He loves to fuck raw and he loves his men with smooth holes, but who is he kidding – he will fuck any slut hole that can take his eight inch cut cock. He loves to watch his big thick cock slide in a bottom’s mouth so he can face fuck them first and watch their eye swell the further down he goes. More info…










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