THE MAKING OF LEDERKERLE VOL.2 – Behind The Scenes Video




the making of lederkerle vol2 guido stahl tian tao adango


Exclusive interviews with the models at “Lederkerle Vol.2” smooth bodies and muscled men getting hot and sweaty together! Sneak peeks of the action as well as getting to know the horny men up close and personal, the movie cast speaking directly to you, giving you the inside scoop on what happens at the shooting location of “Lederkerle Vol.2” run by top stud Tian Tao, who speaks openly about hungry butts and his sexual needs.


Tian Tao is a tall & handsome German-Asian stud who is a novice in the porn industry. When Tian isn’t filming porn, he loves to keep his beautiful muscular body in shape at the gym. He has an amazing body, sizzling bedroom eyes and a perfectly 9 inch (23cm) uncut, thick meaty dick that cannot get enough of nice tight holes. It’s so fucking thick and meaty, begging to be sucked. And his heavy bull nuts are filled with delicious cum ready for the swallowing! Tian Tao stands tall at 6’4”(195cm) and his presence in the gay porn industry matches his stature. He has super hot tats and a great smile. Smile aside, he’s a sexual machine. This guy can fuck four or five times per day.

Guido Stahl is a naitive born German who certainly has the typical blond good looks of a German man. Guido used to be a professional ballet dancer who decided to make a move into gay porn after a number of scouts approached him. A handsome German gentleman with a near-perfect sculpted physique Guido Stahl is a lot more playful than his sometimes serious look intimates. You can see this in his steely blue eyes and charming smile and spontaneity. A man who enjoys physical contact Guido can be passionate & romantic as well as aggressive & rough depending on who he’s with. Guido is sexually versatile. With that elastic, flexible body of his, Guido’s got what it takes to be a good bottom the same way he knows how to pummel a tight bubble butt with his girthy rod.

Adango is one of the wild boys of the current generation, always up for a party and a fun time. He is originally from Venezuela and in his spare time he likes cycling and jogging. He has zero inhibitions and loves guys with huge dicks, so he should fit in well with the rest of the team. He loves sucking dicks and he does it quite well. Adango is a smooth and tight young man with a big uncut cock who loves anal play, he is not shy about bottoming and is open to all kinds of things. He is new to porn but he is a natural performer, he loves being on camera and having great sex with other hot men. There’s a lot to love about this young man but that – uncut cock is one of the most amazing dicks we’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and the boys he fucks are in total agreement. With his youthfullness, it is very easy to find guys who want to have sex with him.

Watch the Behind The Scenes video and get to know the men, with interviews from the cast, letting you in on unseen footage and inside knowledge of the  “Lederkerle Vol.2”




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