The Dungeon

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The Dungeon
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      Dungeon  1920x1080p    1.1GB  FullHD      22:03min. 

The service is called “total submission” and beginns in a dungeon in the outskirts of Frankfurt when Master Erik brings his slave to serve his fellow Master Drago. The extremely submissive and insatiable slave Erik worships Drago’s rock hard cock with his eager mouth and tongue before taking his place, on all fours, on the slave table. The two masters first straddle Slave Erik so that he can orally pleasure them. After taking turns plunging deep wihtin his mouth cunt, they relentlessly fuck Slaves’ Erik cock hungry hole they jack off until they shower him with loads of cum.

A must-see video for all lovers of submissive and kinky sex.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro      Release Date: December 11, 2018 

Actors: Erik Leen, Drago Lembeck, Erik Nohal


Date: December 11, 2018