Drive Shaft

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Drive Shaft
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Gay Drive Shaft

gay      Drive Shaft 1920x1080p    990MB  FullHD      19:43min. 

Alex Morgan enters the garage and finds Desmond Cooper having a nap on a lift truck. Alex takes advantage of the whole situation and his hand drifts down to explore the massive tool in Desmond’s pants. Desmond’s monster meat is an irresistible temptation for Alex, who eagerly bends down to conduct his oral inspection. He works his tongue around Desmond’s acorn and slobbers all up and down the shaft. Eager to get filled up with Desmond’s fuel injection, Alex lowers himself down on Desmond’s throbbing shaft.

Alex’s hole stretches and flexes around Desmonds’s greasy dipstick. Alternating to doggy style, Desmond’s turbocharged piston brings Alex to the ultimate lust. Desmond pulls out and greases his axel until he shoots his thick spunk in Alex’s cum hungry awaiting mouth. While Alex greedily swallows up Desmond’s hot cum, brings also himself to the finish line and finishes with a milky shot to his abs.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro     Release Date: April 7, 2019 

Actors: Alex Morgan, Desmond Cooper


Date: April 7, 2019