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Personal Training
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Gay Personal Training

Gay     Personal Training 1920x1080p    1.1GB  FullHD      26:11min. 

When muscle stud Thomas hits the gym he needs personal trainer in order to get some motivation for his workout. He collides with handsome personal trainer Tomas and they both explode. It doesn’t take long before they are both shirtless and the two gym rats start making out. Trainer Tomas greedily swallows his client´s fat cock and tongues his balls so expertly that muscle stallion Thomas lets himself go, getting horny for some non-stop fucking.

Sex pig Tomas is in ecstasy when he gets ridden hard by his horny client. Muscle hunk Thomas pounds his trainer from behind as Tomas’s hard cock bounces and flops with every thrust. Trainer Tomas sprays his jizz on his client´s hairy chest that leaves him in a sticky, wet mess. If you hire this horny guy to spot you at the gym, you might find him slacking off at the job, but at least he will be hard, horny, eager to open up his bubble but and ready to bust a nut!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro      Release Date: September 3, 2018 

Actors: Thomas Friedl, Tomas Salek

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Date: September 3, 2018