LAKE DRIFTERS – James Huck, Danny Torro

lake drifters


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Lake Drifters    Ultra HD     20:25min. 


The thrill of being naked outdoors is more exciting when another naked guy is with you, and you’re both hard and horny. After an exhaustive hike in the woods, James finds some shade close to a lake where he can rest and relax. Danny wanders in and watches him from a distance, trying to get his attention. They are soon entangled in each other’s manly embrace, groping and kissing. Danny unzips James’s pants and helps himself to mouthfuls of the uncut cock that leaps out to greet him.

After getting James hard as a rock, Danny offers up his back door for James to enter. With each thrust, he plunges himself deeper and deeper inside. Both of them are sighing, gasping, almost squealing. With James still planted deep inside him, Danny lets go and covers the ground with cum.

James sees the forest floor get drenched and decides to finish off on Danny’s face. He pulls out of him and carefully aims into his hungry mouth.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro 


Date: February 23, 2019

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