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barebacking it up with tobias malek and captain qel

BAREBACKING IT UP | Exclusive Interview with Tobias Malek and Captain Qel

Barebacking it up! | The porn work and daily lives of two of the most prolific and exuberant performers of Gay Porn! Tobias Malek is definitely one of the hottest and most talented actors in the gay porn business. This sexy Czech hunk has the most captivating blue eyes and a juicy bubble butt which…

andre cruise, sultan rhodos and ricky hard gay porn actors

GAY WRESTLING HUNKS | Behind The Scenes Exclusive Video

Three Gay Wrestlers Have Hot and Steamy Bareback Sex on the Mat After Workout. In this behind the scenes video, three of the hottest gay performers in the gay porn…

darek kraft and fellback fetish gay porn actors

KINKY GAY PORN | Exclusive Interview with Fellball and Darek Kraft

A Peak into the Sex Lives of two Kinky Gay Porn Actors and their Wildest Fetish Fantasies! Kinky gay porn is a genre of pornography that features male-male sexual activity.…

ville archer and david webb gay porn actors

RISING GAY PORN STARS | Interview with Ville Archer and David Webb

After we finished the shoot for the scene “Porn Casting Vol.2” I had the opportunity to talk to the two actors who participated in the shoot, Ville Archer and David…

tian tao german gay porn actor

THE KING OF COCK | Exclusive Interview with Tian Tao

An Interview with one of the hottest German gay porn actors. Tian Tao is a popular, tall and handsome German-Asian gay porn actor and model. He is known for his…

andre cruise and nano maso gay porn actors


As the cameras stopped rolling and the shoot was over, I got the chance to interview Andre Cruise and Nano Maso. The two porn actors stood together hugging at the…

ricky hard and nick baur gay porn actors


In our video interview with Ricky Hard and Nick Baur the two gay porn performers provide insights into their life and career in the adult entertainment industry. In our pornstar…

man hunt gay movie with nick pablo and tom bacan

MAN HUNT | Bareback scene featuring Tom Bacan, Nick Pablo

Relaxing on the patio, Nick Pablo rubs his muscular chest as he strokes his stiff slab. Wanderer Tom Bacan approaches the horny stud with a smile. With Nick’s hard cock soon unleashed, horny for cock Tom…

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