+What do I have to do, if I want to watch the full videos on your website?

You simply click on the video you would like to watch and you will be redirected to the preview page. You click on the red “Watch full video (Members only) button” under the trailer video. If you are not a registered member, you will first have to register and will be redirected to our billing provider.

After payment is completed you will be able to watch all videos in full length and will also be able to download them. If you are already a registered member, you will have to login first with your email address/username and password to be able to stream/download the videos.

After you are logged in you will be redirected to the members main page.

+What happens after the payment transaction is successfully completed?

As a registered member, you get full access to all videos and downloads on our website for a limited or unlimited period of time, depending on the level of membership you have chosen. Please check out here membership levels.

+Is the signup on your website 100% secure?

Yes, an SSL certificate is installed on our server and all connections to our website are secure. All members are guaranteed complete discretion and our site is 100% confidential.

+Do you get any payment information from your billing provider about the transaction?

Our billing provider will gather the payment information you provide so the payment can be processed. This bank information never gets disclosed to us. All transactions are 100% safe and secure. We only get a confirmation from our billing provider that payment has been successfully processed.

+How can I download video files?

First of all you must be logged in as a member. Below the video player there are several links listed which allow you to download the video files in different resolutions to your computer or mobile device. Simply select the file type and quality type you would like to download. As a member you have unlimited downloads.

+Are you videos DRM protected?

Our videos do not require you to have a DRM (Digital Rights Management) license to play them. They are yours and you can view them even after your membership has expired.

+How long does it take to download a video?

Download time depends on the speed of your internet connection. Please choose smaller files with lower resolution for faster download if you have slow internet connection or limited bandwidth.

+Why is your site slow?

There can be a thousand different reasons why a site might be slow, of course this can be a problem on our end but also a problem on your connection speed. We always do our best to make sure you have the best experience possible in regards to site speed, browsing and streaming and downloading but sometimes there might be an issue. A potential issue could be that the cache in your browser is old. Especially in Chrome we see that some users don´t get their cache updated properly and this slows down the sytem.

Simply follow these steps to clear/refresh the cache

  1. Visit this page with instructions on how to do it properly for your browser.
  2. Visit the homepage of the website and refresh the cache.
  3. Do the same on the login page.

+What format are your videos available?

Our videos are availabe for download in MP4 format. If you cannot play the downloaded MP4 files on your iPad/iPhone, use a video player like VLC video player to play the videos on your iDevice. You can download VLC Player from Apple Store.

+Can I adjust the quality for streaming video?

Yes, our streaming videos are available in different qualities/resolutions. Simply click on the HD button on the right side of the control bar on the player and you can choose one of the resolutions available. Choose the option that best suites your internet speed conection and device.

If you have slow internet connection or limited bandwidth, we recommend to choose a lower resolution in order to prevent buffering and freezing.

Resolutions available: 2160p (4K), 1080p (FHD), 720p (HD), 480p (SD), 360p, 240p.

+I have issues displaying the site and/or streaming the videos.

Please clear the browser cache and update your browser to the latest version. For best results use Chrome or Firefox. If you have issues when streaming the videos on iPhone or iPad use Chrome/Firefox browser for iPhone/iPad. If you still have issues streaming the videos, download VLC Video Player from Apple Store and open the video files with the VLC Player.

+I purchased a membership but still cannot access the member´s site and watch the full videos, what is wrong?

In this case please reset your password. Click here to change your password. You will get an email with a link to reset your password. If you did not receive an email, check also the spam folder of your email account. If you still have issues please contact our customer support.

+Can I also purchase your videos on DVD?

No, our videos are only available for online streaming and download. However you can purchase single scenes or DVD downloads in our video store.

+How can I change my password?

Go to your profile or click here to change your password. You must be logged in as a member to be able to it.

+I lost my password how can I reset it?

You can reset your password by clicking here.

+I cannot login after entering several times the wrong login info.

After 5 failed login attempts, your IP address will be blocked by our security system. Please wait for 10 minutes and try again. If you still encounter login issues contact our customer support by using the contact form.

+How can I change my email address or profile info?

Click here to to change your email address and profile info. You must be a logged in member to be able to do it.

+What benefits do I have if I use your free registration?

You get notifications by email about new video releases, discounts, special offers and free downloads. You can post a topic and/or a reply on our discussion board. You can bookmark your favorite videos and add them to your favorite video list. Click here to register.



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