BUSTED – Rico Fatale, Zoltan



Rico Fatale is a thief who has just stolen an expensive watch in a jeweler’s store. The stolen watch is hidden in his jacket, and he is just about to escape when he is intercepted and gets busted on the spot by the owner of the store Zoltan. Zoltan is searching Rico’s pockets and finds the stolen merchandise. Well then, the punishment must fit the crime. He yanks Rico’s pants down he slaps and spanks his bubble butt and prepares it for the punishment. Zoltan drags Rico to the backroom of the store and then the punishment begins. It’s so nasty and piggy, Zoltan can’t resist stroking his cock. Rico can’t resist stroking himself either, he is a glutton for punishment.

Rico gets down on his knees to swallow Zoltan’s fat 8 inch tool then stands up to shove his monster down Zoltans’ throat. The hot cock-sucking continues until Rico flips over and shows Zoltan his big bubble-butt. Zoltan gets his face right in there to rim the perfectly puckered hole which drives Rico wild. He is alternately licking Rico’s ass and sucking his cock until Rico can’t take it any more; he wants Zoltan to fuck his hole. Zoltan starts to finger Rico’s tight hole and stretches it to the max. It is time to fuck! He orders Rico to show him his hole; he wants to fuck. Rico’s hole is primed and ready, Rico wants Zoltan’s huge dick up his ass and Zoltan bends him over and starts to fuck the hell out of him. Zoltan straddles ass and Rico takes it like a man. Zoltan jacks off and shoots a massive cumshot all over Rico’s cock hungry bubble ass.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: September 25, 2019
Models: Rico Fatale / Zoltan
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