PHOTOSHOOT VOL.1 – Donnie Marco, Tom Bacan



Donnie Marco and Tom Bacan are on set doing a photoshoot for a German gay magazine. During the photoshoot the guys get horny, they come closer and start to kiss each other. Both studs have raging hard-ons and Tom wants to try Donnie’s thick dick. He gets down between Donnie’s legs to suck on his throbbing, hairy cock. Donnie’s dick tastes amazing and Tom savors every inch from the balls to the tip. It slides down Tom’s throat with ease to get Donnie revved up and ready to go. Tom then offers up his own cock, to which Donnie happily swallows down. Donnie can’t resist his urge to munch on Toms’s tight hole and he bends his photo model over to stick his tongue deep inside. Tom squats over Donnie’s face for a hearty session of ass-munching, spreading his butt cheeks apart for a thrilling tongue fuck. As Tom is getting tongue-fucked, Donnie turns over the horny stud and is ready to fuck him deep and hard.

Tom’s hole is extra tight and it takes a little effort to get Donnie’s big cock crammed inside. Donnie slips inside, filling Tom up with his thick, raw cock as his hairy balls swing back and forth. Tom quickens his rhythm with his raw pole until he’s ready to look Donnie in the eyes as they fuck. Tom gets on his back and opens his legs to allow Donnie to continue the bareback, ass-stretching marathon. They switch to the riding position and Donnie pumps away until Tom gets the cum fucked out of him. Tom’s cock erupts like a fountain and sprays up onto his chiseled abs and chest. Getting pushed toward the edge, Donnie jacks himself off until he blows his load on Tom’s pretty face.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: December 17, 2020
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