BOY FOR SALE – Roman Capellini, Darek Kraft



When muscle daddy Darek Kraft enters a notorious House of Boys in the outskirts of the city, the only thing he has in his mind is to bust his nut. After looking around for a while, he gets a glance at Roman Capellini, one of the boys waiting there to please generous and horned up clients. Without being able to leash his sexual urge Darek whips out his fat cock and starts to ejaculate. He orders Roman to suck his hard cock and the cute boy bends down to fill his mouth with it. Roman takes good care of Darek’s growing cock and gets it nice and hard for what’s about to come.

With Roman’s lips wrapped around his cock, Darek takes it to the next level by bending the bad boy over to rim his ass. Roman continues sucking his big fat cock while Darek readies his boy’s hole with plenty of spit, fingers, and tongue. The taste of Roman’s sweet ass makes Darek ready to conquer all that the young boy has to offer. After Roman is full lubed with saliva, Darek lubes up and slams his thick cock deep into Roman’s crack bareback.. Roman bends over to take every inch of Darek’s raw cock deep inside his body. It’s a tight fit but Roman manages to slide it all the way in.

The hung daddy plows away on Roman’s hole bareback until Roman decides to sit on the big dick. Darek keeps pumping hard as Roman sits and takes every inch from the horny daddy. After planting his dick deep into Roman’s ass, Roman is ready to unload. Roman drops a creamy load and then gets down to lick Derek’s balls. All it takes is Roman’s tongue on his sack for Darek to let go and finish the job with a splash of jizz to Roman’s cum hungry mouth swallowing the daddy’s man juice all way down his throat.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: March 9, 2021
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