About Frankfurt Sex Stories

About Frankfurt Sex Stories

Welcome To Frankfurt Sex Stories 

Frankfurt Sex Stories is an exclusive gay porn series with a lot of hot, hardcore male sex action. Our site was launched in 2018. We are hardwired for filming men in the hottest hookup encounters in Germany. We bring you the hottest in full-length gay porn videos available from Germany to watch, download and enjoy whenever and wherever you want. This site is coming with both amateurs and professional models who are having the time of their lives in front of the camera. And it’s one of the sites that also gives fans the chance to become models themselves. If you think you have what it takes to become a porn model, you are very welcome to fill out and send us the model application form you will find on this site.

An Independent Site That Puts Out Good Porn

One of the best features about the collection of Frankfurt Sex Stories is the fact that the content feels real. We keep that gonzo style, with a bit of a scenario that runs on “porn-logic” to make things more interesting, but with a strong focus on sex. Frankfurt Sex Stories features the highest quality gay porn videos on the internet, easily classified into distinct categories where you can find exactly what you are looking for. Use our search feature where you can search for any type of videos you desire and find it within seconds. We have so many kinks and categories in our collection. Most of the sex is bareback and we love it. Among the most popular categories you will find BDSM, with spanking, bondage, total domination, lots of threesome content, cum eating and anal creampies, glory hole sessions, massage porn and public sex. When it comes to models, we prefer mostly grown men. There aren’t many twinks on our site, but on the other hand you will find lots of daddies and bears. You will also find hairy guys with big muscles, beards and fluffy chests. In our model gallery you will find all models starring in our videos and also some personal info about them and their stats. Our collection of scenes is continuously growing and it comes with new releases every month. All of our videos come in HD and 4K quality. Our streaming videos are available in multiple resolutions and are accessible on any device. You can choose the option that best suites your internet speed connection and device. 

What Benefits Do You Get As A Member

The content of our site is premium and it will only come to you through the member area of our site. But once you join you will be able to stream and download all content with NO LIMITS. There are also some extra features that are coming on our site besides the content itself. As a member you will have full access to our forum where you can create, view, post and reply to various topics like news and announcements, gay porn actors, gay porn jobs, xxx gay stories and much more. We also have a blog on our site and it comes with monthly reads, interviews and behind the scenes footage that will give you an idea about the cool vibe on the sets of Frankfurt Sex Stories. We believe that our site is the perfect site for someone who is into indie porn and likes organic content, shot by directors who are into the things they create. So, check out our trailers and then give it a try. We have different plans from monthly to annual. We are sure that if you are into masculine gay sex, you will love the collection of Frankfurt Sex Stories. Because we love what we do, our goal is always to get better and create content for your ultimate pleasure.