Massage Parlor

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Massage Parlor
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     Massage Parlor

       Massage Parlor   1920x1080p    983MB  FullHD      21:19min. 

How would like it, if a very special massage parlor would exist, where skillful masseurs give after a hard day of work, horny men the gay sex they secretly lust for. This is what happened to James when he went to a massage parlor in downtown Frankfurt to get a relaxing massage. He ended up getting sucked off and fucking horny masseur´s hungry manhole. Both of them have one thing in common, a repressed need for another man’s touch. This video shows horny masseur Martin who gives his client a very special massage including oral sex and a very nice and exciting fuck that you will never forget.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro      Release Date: October 30, 2018 

Actors: Martin Dajner, James Huck


Date: October 30, 2018