Shooting Locations Wanted


locations wanted threesome action in a bar

We are always looking for interesting new locations, typically these fall into either private outdoor spaces or interesting indoor locations like:

  • spacious apartments
  • any kind of stores
  • offices
  • SM studios
  • sex cinemas
  • basements
  • dungeons
  • bars
  • clubs
  • gyms
  • open plan houses
  • lost places, etc.

If you are able to offer us an indoor or outdoor “film location” to consider, preferably in Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin or anywhere else in Germany then please let us know, ideally fill in the contact form below. We are happy to pay a reasonable fee if we use your location. The filming of a scene usually takes 4-8 hours, depending on the scene and the number of performers. If you are an owner of a business like a store, bar, club etc. and would like us also to promote your business, we would be happy to make a reference to your location in our videos and also shoot a short “behind the scenes” promotion video introducing your business.

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