THE BAVARIAN – Hans Berlin, Ralph



Hans Berlin from Bavaria came to Frankfurt this summer to visit the Gay Pride. The weather was very hot and a lot of guys were getting ready for the Pride Party at the club in the evening. Hans wanted to impress the other guys at the party and went to a fetish store to buy kinky leather clothes. Ralph the owner of the store was very helpful and gave him advice what kind of outfits would be suitable for the party. When Hans was trying on some clothes in the changing booth, horny muscle bear Ralph got turned on by watching him and without hesitating, came closer to him and unpacked his big fat dick. Bavarian blond stud Hans could not resist the temptation and promptly started greedily to suck Ralph´s hard dick. Hans was hungry for more and started playing with different kinds of dildos.

He got in a trance-like state of extreme arousal and desire when he finally begged Ralph to fuck hard his cock hungry asshole. The Bavarian is a hardcore man to man action video with a lot of hard fucking and dildo action, emphasized by the outstanding performance of famous German pornstar Hans Berlin.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro 


Date: July 30, 2018
Models: Hans Berlin / Ralph
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