RAW OUTDOORS – John Benner, Jerome




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Raw Outdoors  4K/FullHD       21:00min.


Walking down a woodland path, handsome John Benner searches for some remote cruising grounds. While being hard and horny he doesn’t miss a second to look out for a hard dick. Without waiting too long he stumbels upon muscle stud Jerome. For a moment, Jerome lingers in the brush, staring in awe at the beautiful man looking suductively at him on the small river bridge. As John touches his cock invitingly, Jerome approaches him and the two studs kiss each other passionately. John doesn’t waste a second getting Jerome’s beautiful cock into his wide-open mouth and gets on his knees to service the muscle stud. As John’s lips pass over the sensitive tip of Jeromes’s cock, Jerome’s bulging pecs flex in the forest light. John sucks the length and girth of the fleshy pole, inhaling the musky scent of the muscleman’s crotch.

While John is servicing him, Jerome reaches over to play with John’s tight bubble ass, grabbing and spanking the round mounds before fingerfucking the sphincter. After trading places and getting Jerome hard as a rock, John offers up his back door for Jerome to enter and gets him as deep inside of him as he can. As John rides the hard dick, Jerome works his way free and takes over as the dominant force to continue pumping John. Jerome’s sexual prowess is like nothing John has ever experienced before. John rides Jerome’s cock harder and harder, while stroking himself until thick waves of cum roll down the shaft and drip to the forest floor. Jerome sees the forest floor get drenched and decides to finish off on John’s face. He pulls out of John and carefully aims into his hungry mouth.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro 

Date: July 27, 2019
Models: Jerome / John Benner

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