MEN AT WORK – Sanchez Lopez, Mirko Heres



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Men at Work     4K/FullHD       25:02min. 


Sanchez Lopez is checking a construction site while he is seceretly being watched by cock hungry slut Mirko Heres who is also loitering around. Mirko can’t control his urges and reaches into Sanchez underwear to feel his hairy crotch. He wraps his lips around his throbbing cock and gets to work sucking as he takes the whole thing down his throat.

He works Sanchez hard before working his way down the hairy hole that awaits him to rim. Both studs are raging hard when Sanchez bends Mirko over to slide his dick inside. He pumps away on him, quickening his pace until Mirko is panting and begging for more. Mirko wants the chance to ride Sanchez´s hard, uncut pole and hops on to take it deep, making Sanchez moan out with each grind from Mirko´s talented hole.

That’s not enough for Mirko, so he pulls out, lies back on the ground and asks Sanchez to fuck him hard. Sanchez happily agrees and slips inside the horny stud’s tight ass. Sanchez is out of self-control and dumps his load all over Mirko´s face and tongue. Mirko cleans up the mess by licking up every single drop of jizz.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro 


Date: January 9, 2019