THE BARTENDER – Andre Cruise, Nano Maso



Frankfurt’s gay nightlife has a flashy tradition of lavish dance clubs and open bars loaded with a lot of horny guys. Bartender Andre Cruise is busy cleaning up the counter when Nano Maso enters without knowing that the bar ist still closed. Impressed by his good looks, Andre lets him in anyway and offers him a seat. Nano gets horny at the sight of Andre’s bubble ass and can’t resist revealing his hard-rock dick. Andre likes what he sees and opens his mouth to gobble up Nano’s hard meat.  It’s huge, one of the biggest Andre has handled, but he’s always up for a challenge when a hot guy is involved. 

Andre works the shaft and head as Nano moans out with each flick of Andre’s experienced tongue. The sexy bartender takes great pleasure slurping on his guest’s monster dick with wet sucks, giving him a blowjob he deserves. Not to mention, Nano isn’t shy about slamming his cock down Andre’s throat and smacking his handsome face with his massive dick. It’s not long before Nano wants a taste of Andre’s insatiable ass. Andre has a beautiful hole and he loves clenching it around Nano’s tongue as he eats him out. When both horny studs are worked up and sweaty, Andre is ready for dick so Nano slides his throbbing cock deep into Andre’s tight hole.

He pumps away and enjoys the feeling of Andre’s warm hole surrounding his big dick. Nano opens the toned stud up and then lies to let Andre sit on his hole-stretching cock. After that, Andre bounces up and down, riding the monster dick deep. The two studs groan and grunt with each thrust from Nano’s hard cock. When Nano is convinced that Andre can handle his massive dick, he stands up behind the horny bartender and slides his meat deep inside. Pounding away on Andre’s hungry hole, Nano grunts with each thrust as Andre’s hole gets used. Andre’s face is clenched in pain and Nano teaches him how to handle a big dick as he rides him like an animal.

Nano keeps pounding in and out until Andre’s tight hole makes him ready to blow. Nano pumps even harder and pulls out as his cum rolls from the tip of his throbbing cock, down his shaft, and into Andre’s open hole. With his ass filled with jizz, Andre lets loose and drains his balls all over his chiseled abs. Finally the two studs indulge in passionate kissing to finish off the sweaty fun at the bar.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: March 28, 2023
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