NUT BUSTERS – Luke Ward, Ryan Cage

nut busters


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Nut Busters       FullHD       22:41min. 


While muscle hunk Luke gets some rest at an abandoned construction site he bumps into handsome blond stud Ryan. No words are exchanged as they make extended eye contact. Ryan knows what that means and without an invitation the two horny studs start kissing each other. Luke peels off Luke’s tight shirt and gets to work sucking Ryan´s nipples.

Ryan soon has every inch of Luke´s hard cock in his open, hungry mouth. Ryan turns around giving Luke the go-ahead to slide his hard dick deep inside the moaning muscle hunk. Luke takes Ryan from behind until Ryan decides he wants to be filled with Luke´s throbbing manhood. The horny studs try different positions and finally Luke takes control as he enters Ryan´s tight hole. The steady pounding feels amazing and he lets loose to create a pool of creamy love all over Ryan´s tattooed chest.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro 


Date: October 4, 2018
Models: Luke Ward / Ryan Cage

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  1. Two fucking hot and sexy guys having hot sex action. Fuck! I love this clip definitely wanking and cumming material !

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