On a hot summer day, sexy Tian Tao walks into horny muscle stud Aron who is cruising at the Main river, which goes through the city of Frankfurt. It doesn’t take long before they both realize they are attracted to each other. Tian invites Aron to his apartment. Aron is more than eager to follow him and when they arrive at Tian’s apartment, they get horny and naked real fast. Tian’s thick piece of meat is big and hard, waiting for a mouth to wrap around it. The excited tatted stud slips out of his shorts and undies and gives his full shaft to Aron. He was in supreme need of servicing and Aron was made for the job. Tian feeds Aron his cock, their muscular bodies complimenting one another as they get each other harder and hornier. Tian holds Aron’s head and shows him exactly how he likes his dick sucked. 

Aron can’t wait to take that kilo of pulsating, bareback cock up his fuck-hole but when Tian slides it all the way in – so his balls are squashed against Aron’s hard arse, the lucky sub boy is gasping between pleasure and pain. Tian plunges his monster cock deep into Aron’s hole and starts fucking him hard. Aron takes control and rides Tian’s cock. One last flip and Aron finds himself on his side with Tian giving him a rough, deep fucking that only horny men can achieve. All that rough fucking drives Tian over the edge as he explodes his hot cum all over Aron’s ass. Aron does not disappoint. He grabs his cock and with a few quick jerks gives a cum dump all over his chest and stomach. When you are horny, you are horny and hot sex is the only answer!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro



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Date: February 21, 2022
Models: Aron / Tian Tao

One thought on “FRANKFURT CITY MEN VOL.2 – Aron, Tian Tao

  1. Fuck ist das geil! Der passive ist echt der Hammer mit seinen geilen Muskeln. Da will ich mitficken…

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