BLOWN – Martin Dajner, Sanchez Lopez



Sanchez Lopez is topless and rock hard on the terrace waiting for someone to service his cock. Martin Dajner pops in and heads straight to the base of Sanchez’s lengthy cock with his mouth. Martin is horny as hell and cuts to the chase when he pulls Sanchez’s pants down to his ankles to reveal his nice, hard, throbbing cock. Martin showcases cocksucking skills and love for meat down his throat when he takes every inch of Sanchez’s cock. Sanchez pushes Martin’s head to keep guzzling down his cock and feeds Martin his cock from above. Martin gags on the thick rod down his throat and loves every second of it.

Martin wants it bad and bends over the kitchen shelf to let Sanchez slip it in his hole. Sanchez goes slow at first, giving Martin the chance to open up and adjust to his rock hard meat. Once Sanchez knows that Martin’s hole is ready for fucking, Sanchez pounds the moaning stud hard, going as deep as he possibly can. Martin wants it even harder and rolls onto his back to give Sanchez complete access to his prostate. His bareback meat pounds in and out of Martin’s hole, stretching it to the limits and making Martin moan out with each thrust. Sanchez takes overall control and gets Martin on his back for one last go. Sanchez fucks the stud just the way he likes it and keeps the rhythm steady

Continuing to give Martin what he wants, Sanchez doesn’t stop until he’s ready to blow. Martin’s warm lips bring Sanchez to the edge to shoot a thick load into Martin’s mouth and on his masculine bearded face. Martin makes sure to lap up every last drop of Sanchez’s jizz.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro 


Date: June 30, 2019
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