DADDY’S BOY – Kevin Jade, Pavel Sora


daddy’s boy


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Sexy hunk Pavel Sora takes a nap after a long and hard day. The deep sleep follows an intense sexual tryst. Pavel wakes up form the hot kisses of cock hungry, slutty boy Kevin Jade. Pavel shoves his bulging crotch in the twink’s face, whips out his cock, and shoves it down his throat. Kevin takes Pavel’s hard cock in his mouth and swallows it to the base. Pavel grabs the back of Kevin’s head and eases his cock in and out of Kevin’s mouth. Picking up the pace of his thrust, Pavel begins to fuck Kevin’s greedy mouth. Kevin gets on his knees and feeds on Pavel’s cock, slopping all over Pavel’s meat, working up to a frenzied pace and inspiring him to moan in ecstasy. Kevin is licking Pavel’s huge boner and juicing it up with his spit, creating a sexual charge that they’re both feeling.

Ready for some anal sex, Pavel slides his cock up inside Kevin’s tight ass, fucking his hole hard and deep making him moan and gasp with pleasure. Kevin wants to take it even deeper and rolls onto his back to let Pavel pound his prostate. Pavel pushes deep into the twink’s thirsty hole while Kevin pushes back for more. Pavel gets on his back and in no time, Kevin is riding his cock like a bucking bronco. Kevin loves to get fucked, he wants more and Pavel is more than willing to give it to him. Pavel grabs onto Kevin’s hips and thrusting his long and hard cock into Kevin. Pavel is ready to climax he pulls out and delivers with a huge load spurting all over Kevin’s cute face. Kevin’s warm mouth eats greedily every drop of Pavels hot thick cum. Was this all real or just a dream?

daddy’s boy

Directed by Nick Mazzaro

Date: November 30, 2019

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