BOYS NEXT DOOR – Tom Bacan, Luke Geer


boys next door


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Boys Next Door  Ultra HD  (50fps)       23:55min.


When the two lovers Tom Bacan and Luke Geer are heading to the couch they are already hot and horny for each other. The connection is real, and their desires clear. The two boys start kissing and quickly strip down. Tom starts sucking on Luke’s hard cock. Luke’s chiseled and tanned torso makes Tom go wild. He sucks Luke’s uncut cock and nibbles on his foreskin. The two lovers take turns sucking greedily each other off. With their senses heightened by their intense connection, Tom and Luke take things to the next level. Luke uses both hands to spread Tom’s ass for a deep basting. Luke’s cock is so hard, it glides into Tom’s eager crack with ease. Tom moans out with each thrust from Luke’s thick dick, leaving both studs short of breath. Luke flips Tom around to let him ride the throbbing dick in his ass. ‘Oh fuck yeah, ride that fuck!’ Tom moans out as Luke works Tom’s cock hungry asshole.

Pointing his cock straight up, Luke invites Tom to sit down and go for a ride. As he sinks down on Luke’s thick rod, Tom’s ass stretches wide. Sweat glistens on their toned bodies as they alternate between Luke thrusting up from below and Tom raising and lowering himself from above. Getting on his back, Tom spreads his legs wide and invites Luke to plow the depths of his hole. Luke ramps up the speed of his thrusting, bringing them both to the brink of orgasm. Lying with his back on the couch, Tom sucks Luke’s cock, then opens his mouth as Luke gives Tom what he desires by blasting his face and tongue with a massive load of jizz. Jerking his cock, Tom unleashes his own gushing cumshot which erupts like a geyser all over his stomach.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro

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Date: August 30, 2020
Models: Luke Geer / Tom Bacan

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