Kevin moss gay adult actor


Cock : 8″ / 20cm
Body Hair : Hairy
Height : 6” /180cm
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Blue
Position : Top
Foreskin : Uncut
Body Type : Athletic


Newcomer Kevin Moss has a slender, trimmed body and beautiful tats on the right body parts. First off, he is pretty much playing for the gay team. Has rugged looks (check out that furry chest) and well, he smells sooooo good. Like a dude after a hard workout. He has this hint of musk that turns every bottom guy on. Every time our cameramen got close to him with the video camera, they would boner up. Kevin has a very easy going personality but tends to be a little more of a bossy top in bed. He is based in Berlin, and his charming German gentleman style won over the cast and crew instantly.

He’s got a nice uncut and 8 inches thick cock available to all bottom men who crave his high-caliber topping skills. He has a dominant fetishy-side to him, which means he loves to top and get his dick sucked. Before fucking a bottom, Kevin first loves having his face smothered by his partner’s ass… it lets him lube it up with his mouth deep. Kevin is smart, sexy with a humble and thoughtful personality. It takes more than just good looks to be a Frankfurt Sex Stories man, it takes an extra level of intelligence and masculinity that Kevin has in droves!

Kevin made his debut scene with Nick Baur in Fickschlampen (Fuck Sluts). He plays great to the cameras, and really lures you in to wanting to suck his cock. He is one top guy that you will want to curl up with! Kevin is one of the few performers who gives everything he has to any scene he appears in.


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