Nick baur german gay porn actor


Cock : 8″ / 19cm
Body Hair : Smooth
Height : 6’9” /177cm
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Position : Bottom
Foreskin : Uncut
Body Type : Athletic


Nick Baur is an adorable German young guy who was born in the east part of Germany and is currently living in Berlin. He is a sultry guy, he’s handsome with alluring bedroom eyes and sharp features. Better yet, his body is lean and tight, and his six pack is proof of that. With a smooth, chiseled athletic physique and an uncut cock that measures 8 inches long, Nick is nothing short of stunning. Special attention goes to his ass, which is a perfectly bubble-shaped work of art. Nick has the look of a young twink, and he uses it to advantage getting guys into bed. He likes guys of all ages, but leans for the more mature crowd. 

He loves hairy and muscular daddies to take control of him in the bedroom and fuck him up the ass. But before that, he wants to 69 first to get both their dicks hard. Nick likes to bottom, but he doesn’t consider himself a bottom, but a “Pleaser.” Whatever Daddy wants…Daddy gets! Nick has a dirty streak in him. Ass eating, piss play, creampie, and dirty talk all excite him. When seeing this guy in action we wouldn’t want him any other way. Having sex in gay porn is a fantasy Nick always dreamed of fulfilling, and he’s clearly good at what he does.

Nick has a fantasy of seducing a German policeman, and when he’s not filming porn, he pursues his passions of photography and fitness. He trains his body daily, and he enjoys hiking and being outdoors as much as possible. Nick is a sought-after model to perform with at a gay porn production because he’s so good looking as well as a sweet, nice guy who makes all of his partners feel comfortable and desired. Watch his debut in Fickschlampen (Fuck Sluts) getting rough ass pounding by Kevin Moss and stay tuned to see more of him! 


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