FRANKFURT CITY MEN VOL.3 – Nick Baur, Ricky Hard



Nick Baur is a handsome young man, clean-shaven and smooth who is in Frankfurt on a business trip. He’s in for a horny treat as he can’t wait to experience all the new things that await him. In Frankfurt City by the Main River, anything goes! In his hotel room Nick is horny as fuck, strokes his boner and watches porn on his cell phone. He calls his fuck buddy Ricky Hard and invites him over to give him a good fucking. Having a fuck buddy is great, it means you have great, hot sex on tap, whenever you want.

When Ricky shows up and enters, they both start with some amorous kissing before Ricky strips out of his clothes and Nick gets on his knees, taking care of his buddy’s thick dick. Nick sucks Ricky like it’s the last dick he’ll ever get to swallow and greedily gobbles it down his throat. Ricky takes full advantage of Nick’s ravenous appetite and feeds him hard and deep with his throbbing dick. All the sucking gets Ricky hard as a rock and soon his face is buried in Nick’s hole. He laps it up with his tongue and gets Nick nice and open before the hunk is begging to get stuffed.

Ricky happily helps Nick with what he needs and slides his swollen cock deep into the stud’s willing ass. Both Ricky and Nick have this playful energy that really translates into sex that is intense and fun, and that’s as true here as ever. With each thrust both studs reach a higher level of pleasure. Nick pumps away from behind until he decides he wants to take Ricky’s meat for a spin. He hops on and rides his buddy deep as his own dick flops up and down.

With Ricky deep inside of him, Nick strokes his hard cock until he blows his hot, wet load all over Ricky’s hairy abs and chest! Seeing his buddy blast a creamy load sends Ricky into overdrive to let loose and blow his load all over his cum-covered body. Finally they seal their deed with a wet, french kiss!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: February 27, 2023
Models: Nick Baur / Ricky Hard
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