FUCK BUDDIES – Rico Fatale, Rammi

fuck buddies


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Sex is the gay man´s favorite pastime. When a gay man is bored, he calls his buddies to find out if they are up for it. Horny Italian stud Rico gets a phone call from his buddy Rami who wants to find out if Rico is up for some fun. When handsome blue-eyed Rami arrives they start right away to kiss and suck each other´s hard dicks. Rico gets his bubble butt rimmed and then Rami gives him a hot fucking with his big fat dick until Rico´s cock-hungry butthole glows. Ass hungry blonde Rami takes shameless advantage of it and gives sex pig Rico a long and hard fucking until Rico goes totally wild.

A must see video if you are into long and hard fucking action.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: April 17, 2018
Models: Rammi / Rico Fatale

2 thoughts on “FUCK BUDDIES – Rico Fatale, Rammi

  1. This is one very sweet video! Has all the right ingredients to get me off…sucking, rimming, ass play, cumming! Awesome!

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