LEDERKERLE VOL.2 Part II – Guido Stahl, Tian Tao, Adango

Lederkerle Vol.2 Part II



All the physical contact gets the threesome ready for fun. Guido Stahl can’t take the suspense of what the two cocks together must taste like and takes turns slurping on each of them, getting the guys ready for more action. Adango who just joined the threesome is horny as hell and wants to explore more of what the other two studs have to offer. Tian Tao tells Adango to move closer and kiss him while Guido spreads Adango’s legs and crams his hard, throbbing cock inside Adango’s back door. However Tian doesn’t want to be left out of the fun and takes his turn with Guido and steps aside to let him have a turn.

Thereafter the three horny studs passionately kiss and aggressively fuck with Tian paying extra attention to Adango’s round ass and perfect hole. Tian lathers up Adango’s hole with thick spit. More than willing to service both cocks at the same time, Adango takes Guido’s cock down his throat to the base while he gets his hole filled with Tian’s fat cock. With his cock deep inside Adango, Tian gives the young jock the ultimate stretch. The two muscled studs tag team Adango’s asshole as they pile drive the young jock. Guido has Adango bend over doggy and hops in the middle of the sandwich to fuck Adango as he gets his hole plunged from Tian.

The three horndogs form a chain with Guido in the middle getting the best of both worlds. Next Tian takes turns and shoves his thick, hard cock between Guido’s and Adango’s firm ass cheeks and starts fucking them doggy style with fast, powerful thrusts. The fucking gets harder and Tian’s cock goes deeper into the holes. Adango and Guido take that dick so well as it pounds into their asses as hard as it can. Thereafter Adango lays on his back to be fucked even harder. Finally Tian feeds both Guido and Adango his big swollen cock.

They both take turns sucking on Tian’s throbbing cock and swollen balls. With Tian in the middle and lying side by side, Tian strokes his hard cock as he can no longer hold off. A thick load of cum drains from his pulsing cock. Finally leaving  a lot of hot cum behind, both Guido and Adango lick up the jizz from Tian’s cock.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: September 19, 2021
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