SPRITZGEIL – Aron, Drew Dixon



Drew Dixon heads off and starts looking for an apartment to rent. Turned on by the new handsome tenant, landlord Aron’s only thought is to make out with him by all means. While Drew is exploring the new apartment, Aron is so horned up that he strips off his clothes and masturbates on the couch. When Drew notices Aron stroking his hard meat, he heads straight and without hesitation for Aron’s thick cock with his lips. The uninhibited duo get naked and go right into sucking each other’s throbbing cocks. Aron feeds the willing tenant his meat, making Drew gag on his thick pole. Drew eagerly sucks Aron’s hard, uncut cock as his hands follow each and every curve of the landlord’s muscled body. As they kiss, total satisfaction is written on their lips. To show his appreciation, Aron puts Drew’s cock in his mouth while continuing to stroke his dick. The two horny studs excitedly get into a 69, licking every inch of each other’s cock.

They both want to go all the way and soon muscle stud Aron commands Drew to fuck him, showing him his hot ass. Drew takes a few more licks on Aron’s dick before sliding his bare cock into the willing muscle stud. Aron lets Drew do whatever he wants with him, including flip-flop fucking. Hard cocks tell us how much these guys are into each other! Aron, unable to resist the urge, shoves his cock up Drew’s hole, fucking him fervently in a mesmerizing performance! Drew quickly offers Aron his ass and spreads his hole wide! On his back with his legs in the air, Drew grabs a hold of his cock and strokes it while Aron works the hole over with his cock. Drew works his load out of throbbing cock onto his abs. Seeing Drew bust his nut makes Aron let loose and shoot a thick load on Drew’s hairy abs. After swirling the load around with his cock, Aron slides back into Aron one last time. The two studs indulge in intense kissing, totally satisfied!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: January 14, 2021
Models: Aron / Drew Dixon
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