RAW TO THE BONE – Canzio Dali, Edwin Correa



Canzio Dali is a real stallion and a rough top, even if he got an angel face. He loves to pump his thick cock deep inside the hungriest holes, and Edwin Correa is the perfect match for him. The guys meet at Edwin’s condo and begin with passionate kissing that leads them to quickly ditch their constraining underwear. Once Edwin catches the sight of Canzio’s thick, uncut cock, his level of hunger skyrockets as he gets on his knees, and begins sucking on Canzio’s deep mahogany cock as it slips past his lips and across his tongue.

Edwin is an expert cocksucker, and Canzio is overjoyed that he is the recipient of such talents. His cocksucking skills are actually quite impressive, as he is able to take all 21.5 cm (8.5”). Canzio’s cock is worshiped and given a thorough sucking before he flips Edwin and begins eating his magnificent ass. Edwin turns and opens his perfect hairy ass for Canzio to savor and fuck with his hot tongue. Licking, lapping, and fingering at Edwin’s ass, Canzio can sense that Edwin is ready to receive.

Edwin shows Canzio that he is eager to take that huge, raw, big boy dick. Canzio bends Edwin over the couch and rams his raw cock deep inside of Canzio’s hungry ass. Canzio does some cock dipping in and out of Edwin’s strong ass, feeling the muscles latching on for all the pleasure he can get. Edwin slowly grinds his ass up and down Canzio’s cock, slowly picking up his pace. Just as the pleasure begins to mount, the guys swap it up again.

This time, Canzio spreads Edwin’s legs and shoves his cock inside his tight ass. The intensity he feels deep inside of Edwin’s ass is too much to bear as he explodes his cum all over his hot hole. Slipping his cum drenched cock back into Edwin’s wet ass, Edwin strokes his cock and shoots his hot load. The guys return to their passionate kissing and the adventure comes to an end for these two sexy men.

Directed by Max Scharf


Date: May 5, 2024
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