ARSCHGEIL – Tobias Malek, Alex Axel



Director Nick Mazzaro gives Tobias Malek and Alex Axel the roles of two, lust-driven lovers, pushing each other to their sexual limits. Tobias is a handsome, muscled man with alluring sky-blue eyes and thick lips that are perfect for kissing and sucking. The two studs quickly become entangled in each other kissing, licking and rubbing all over. But, it is Tobias who drives this encounter, taking full charge of well-endowed Alex as if he were a gift to be savored and explored. The exploration begins with a noisy, wet blow job with lots of ballsucking for good measure. There is some passionate, heated kissing that follows, as the two men engage in some lovely, tender play, followed by more cocksucking and ball licking.

Obsessed with his partner’s cock, Tobias nurses on it greedily. This excites Alex and propels him to get into position so they 69. The two lovers are endeavoured on oral play, each taking turns sucking on each other’s throbbing cocks. Alex works his way to Tobias’ asshole, dipping his finger and then his tongue inside the hot moist hole. Wanting more, Tobias impales himself on Alex’s erection and they start fucking. It is not long before Tobias’ is on all fours as Alex climbs in between them and slides his fat dick into Tobias’ chute. The two men indulge their mutual desire in a steamy session of fucking. The ass-drilling continues and intensifies as they maneuver into Tobias’ favorite position on his back. Beating his meat as he is getting plugged even harder, Alex squeezes out a hefty load on Tobias’ plowed manhole. Then, Tobias finally jacks off and shoots his wad all over his manly hairy chest.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: February 15, 2020
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