FUCK ATTACK – Julian Ferraz, Belus Minos



Hot, handsome and horse hung stud Julian Ferraz is always ready to fuck a raw hole. He’s on the terrace calling his fuck buddy Belus Minos for a spontaneous hookup. Belus is face down and ass up in the bed waiting for his big dicked buddy to come and bang him. Julian steps in, dropping his pants on the way. His huge dick is up and hard as steel. Belus wastes no time and opens wide to receive Julian’s fat monster dick. Julian takes Belus from behind and plants the thick raw dick into his ass, fucking the hell out of him.

Julian is a real stallion and a rough top. He loves to pump his thick dick deep inside the hungriest holes, and Belus the perfect match for him. After some wild doggy fucking, Belus drops to his knees and takes in the sheer amazement of Julian’s magnificent cock. With his insatiable mouth, Belus worships and deepthroats every single inch of Julian’s massive dick, and the rough top fucks Belus’ face just like he loves to do. Just as the pleasure builds the guys swap positions and this time Belus is on his back, legs spread wide as Julian slips his ragging hard-on into that sweet ass.

As Belus picks up the pace of fucking, Julian’s dick is getting stronger with each thrust deep inside his ass. With such an insatiable hole, Julian enjoys the best fuck of his life. Julian’s cock has reached maximum capacity, and he is left with no other option but to explode, and blasts a huge load of thick, creamy ball juice that finds his way to Belus’ tight hairy ass! The sensation happening in Belus’ ass sets his cock on fire as he unleashes a huge load of flying cum!

Directed by Max Scharf


Date: March 2, 2024
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