BREED MY HOLE – Angelo Dangelo, Saul Felipe



Dominant Latin top Saul Felipe gives a rough bareback fuck to young, cock hungry Angelo Dangelo. Angelo gets almost shocked when he discovers the massive bulge Saul hides inside his underwear, and he knows that this cock is going to be fun to suck. He doesn’t waste any second before kneeling down and welcoming the monster dick into his mouth. Angelo takes Saul’s smooth balls into his hands and begins sucking on his huge Latin cock. Saul gets so excited he begins to face fuck the insatiable cocksucker, and then both men’s arousal is raised to another level.

As he chokes on Saul’s cock, the heat has risen to a scorching level that both men’s bodies have begun to glisten with sweat. Saul is incredibly handsome, has such a beautiful body it’s implausible, and his big fat cock is always ready to plug up an ass. The long and passionate sucking session leads to even harder moments, when the Latin stallion goes all in and sticks his thick rod deep inside Angelo’s hungry ass. Angelo proves to be quite the power bottom, as he grunts, groans and revels in the pleasures filling his hot ass. Saul turns Angelo over and shoves his enormous 8-inch cock deep into Angelo’s hairy ass.

Angelo opens his hole wide by rolling over on his shoulders, allowing Saul to stand over him and power-pump-fuck him. After some time, as Angelo rides Saul’s cock, his own cock flies through the air with each ass slapping thrust, forcing his own cock to the pinnacle of erection and excitement. Picking up the pace, Saul begins to deliver a deep, penetrating fuck. Both men feel it and both men can sense it, and another swap finds Angelo on his back with Saul taking it full throttle. Saul slips his cock in and out of Angelo’s wet ass as he continues to pick up his pace.

Slamming his cock one last time into Angelo, Saul showers his hot cum all over Angelo’s body. Angelo reaches his full satisfaction and makes him unleash his load of cum too. Not everyone can go full throttle, but when you do, the results are mind-blowing.

Directed by Max Scharf


Date: July 5, 2024
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