MAN HUNT – Tom Bacan, Nick Pablo



Relaxing on the patio, Nick Pablo rubs his muscular chest as he strokes his stiff slab. Wanderer Tom Bacan approaches the horny stud with a smile. With Nick’s hard cock soon unleashed, horny for cock Tom milks it like a madman, beautifully tonguing and teasing the shaft before he dives down deep. Tom wastes no time working up glorious gobs of spit, planting his lips to the base as he deep throats the muscle stud. Being a proud cock sucker, Tom shows Nick that he is not only able to deep throat his cock but adept with a good face fucking. 

Nick holds on to Tom’s head and forces his cock into Tom’s mouth, he fucks his mouth with the same gusto forcing the cock in and out. After burying his face in deep, Nick smacks Tom’s ass cheeks with his hard, throbbing cock. Slick with spit, Nick slides his boner straight into Tom’s bare hole. Nick bends Tom over and starts pounding away, going balls deep with the first thrust before he picks up the pace to give Tom the fuck of his life. He stands behind Tom who is folded over the couch, and plugs him hard. Nick pumps his hips, jamming his pole deep inside Tom’s hole, building up speed with every thrust.

Nick sits back and Tom climbs on top to impale himself onto Nick’s cock once again. Tom matches him thrust for thrust and takes a wild bareback pounding. Nick pulls out and rewards the spent bottom with a thick load of jizz all over his tongue, lips and happy, begging face. After watching Nick finish off Tom grabs and strokes his cock until it also showers cum all over. Finally the two share a sweaty and cummy kiss!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: February 4, 2023
Models: Nick Pablo / Tom Bacan
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