BUNKER #2 – Andre Cruise, Darek Kraft




Down in the bunker, Andre Cruise and Darek Kraft crawl in, in search of refuge from the carnage and bombing outside. The fatigued soldiers decide to settle in for the night. Next morning Andre wakes up feeling so horny that he just can’t keep his hands off his morning wood. Darek Kraft catches sight of Andre’s cock and can’t resist the temptation. Next the two stare at each other as they stroke their hard cocks. And then they gradually work their way out of their gear, stroking and sucking and into a frenzy of man to man action.

Thereafter Sergeant Darek gets on his knees to suck the younger soldier’s cock. But this isn’t just dick sucking. This is about dick tasting and savoring, the desire to satisfy an oral craving. The young soldier enjoys the dick service but is soon just as cock hungry as Darek. “I want to suck your dick too!” tells Darek and returns the favor, his lips super stretched out by the fat  tool. But what Andre wants, and needs, is undeniably a good fuck. And Darek knows this, which is why, although the blowjob feels good, he gets Andre on all fours and buries his thick dick in that sweet ass.

He fucks nice and easy, at first, letting Andre get used to his girth. Darek is pumping in and out of the young soldier stuffing him full of throbbing daddy meat. The sergeant gives it to him, pounding his sweet hole and using him like his very own fuck-boy. And then Andre climbs on top of his subordinate’s dick, sliding it inside as he leans back and gives it a ride. Finally the two men continue screwing fast and furious, until they both blast their loads.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: January 20, 2022
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