LEDERKERLE VOL.3 – Bishop Black, Sultan Rhodos



Muscled and hairy-chested slave Sultan Rhodos, is blindfolded, waiting impatiently in a tiny cage for his master Bishop Black to show up. Master Bishop enters the room and walks towards his slave with a flogger in his hand. The master arcs around his slave and flogs him from every angle releasing every kind of scream imaginable from Sultans’s slave mouth. Sultan learns to follow orders and show gratitude while his master responds with his hard leather flogger all over Sultans’ cock and ass. Bishop grabs Sultan out of the cage, presses his ripped body against him and kisses him passionately.

Sultan goes down on his knees and deepthroats Bishop’s thick black meat, as he worships it. Sultan gets the skull fuck of his life, sucking and gagging on this master’s black massive rod. Bishop whips it on the sucker’s face and is ready for some rimjob. Finger, tongue, finger, tongue is the tease for this bottom. After a rigorous bow and rimjob, master Bishop instantly shoves his thick black tool deep inside his slave. Moans and screams echo from Sultan as Bishop’s thrusts get faster and harder. The slave wants more so master Bishop throws Sultan in the the sling and slams his lossened whore fuckhole.

The erotic interplay is intense as these demanding studs work themselves to the edge of satiation and into release. Sultan jacks and shoots thick ropes of hard earned cum. Master Bishop can no longer contain himself, and coats Sultan’s slutty dick with his fuck juice. Witness Bishop Blacks’ first amazing leather scene and get ready for a frantic session of sex in the dungeon.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: September 17, 2022
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