LEATHER PIGS – Darek Kraft, Fellball



Decked out in leather, blue-eyed and hairy bottom, Fellball is hoisted up in a sling chomping on a big cigar. Horned up and in the mood for a sleazy leather session, Fellball invites his fuck buddy Darek Kraft to join him. The tattooed muscle daddy shows up and soon starts making out with Fellball, and what follows is pure animal magnetism. Darek drops to his knees and starts sucking, while Fellball fucks Darek’s mind with dirty talk. Darek uses his finger to work his spit into Fellball’s ass before burying his face in his crack.

Fellball’s low hanging balls swing between his legs as he face fucks Darek’s greedy mouth. Fellball needs his tight asshole serviced and spreads his cheeks to let the daddy get all the way into the pink with his fingers and long, experienced tongue. With Fellball’s hole moist and ready for action, Darek pulls out a big black dildo and busts Fellball’s hole good and deep, destroying his ass with no mercy! Fellball takes the dildo to the base, begging for Darek’s cock. He wants to be Darek’s cum-dripping whore, and Darek is more than willing to give into Fellball’s alpha-top desires!

Darek takes over and pounds the stud’s bubble butt, stretching him to the limits. Fellball bounces and grunts as every last inch of the Darek’s fat cock goes in and out of his furry body. Darek picks up the pace of his pounding sending Fellball over the edge. Fellball jerks his cock hard and the pounding increases. Fellball’s cock erupts, sending clumps of hot white seamen splashing down all over Fellball’s hairy stomach. Darek finishes with one helluva thick, ropy cumshot all over Fellball’s cum greedy tongue.

We’ve filmed a lot of men in leather, all of them fucking bareback and all of them getting downright nasty. However, out of all the men we’ve ever filmed, two of the hottest sex pigs have been Darek Kraft and Fellball. German piggy sex with horny men in leather who are into it!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: June 28, 2023
Models: Darek Kraft / Fellball
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