DICKED DOWN | PART 2 – Engelberth, Leo Bulgari, Tian Tao



All the physical contact and exposed hard dicks gets the threesome ready for the ultimate fun. Engelberth can’t take the suspense of what Leo’s dick must taste like, and he gets on his knees to suck it off while his cock hungry hole gets pounded by Tian’s big dick. Leo is horny as hell and also wants to get a taste of Tian’s monster dick. Engelberth doesn’t want to be left out of the fun and takes his turn with Leo, slurping on Tian’s throbbing dick.

Standing over Engelberth’s and Leo’s faces, Tian strokes his cock until he shoots a massive rope of cum across Engelberth’s and Leo’s faces, letting his white-hot jizz splash across their tongues and roll down their faces. The two studs suck the final drops from Tians’s emptied cock. Before leaving, Tian leans down for a final kiss, tasting his semen on Engelberth’s and Leo’s lips, telling them: “Now you can carry on”! The two horny studs are more than willing to continue the hot action.

Leo flips Engelberth over to eat his ass and suck on his hefty cock before shoving his rock hard meat deep in Engelberth’s hole. With his tongue as his tool, Leo lathers up Engelberth’s hole with thick spit. Leo stuffs a finger in Engelberth’s hole to give him the ultimate stretch. Engelberth is eager for what comes next: Leo shoves his thick, hard cock between Engelberth’s firm ass cheeks and starts fucking him doggy style with fast, powerful thrusts. The relentless pounding nearly takes Engelberth’s breath away. Engelberth lies on his back and jerks out a thick, white load. Leo stands over Engelberth, strokes his rock-hard dick and busts a nut, shooting his cum over Engelberth’s gleaming abs.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: December 11, 2023
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