Engelberth gay porn actor


Cock : 6.7″ / 17cm
Body Hair : Smooth
Height : 5′ 8” /175cm
Hair Color : Dark brown
Eye Color : Brown
Position : Bottom
Foreskin : Uncut
Body Type : Athletic


Engelberth is one hell of a gay porn model with a lot of amazing tattoos. This strong, handsome, and virile guy, who is Venezuelan born and bred, is so cutthroat in his everyday life, but in the bedroom he completely gives in to submission as a total bottom. Engelberth has some of those classic Latino attributes on display: his beard is finely manicured, his skin looks like caramel, and he has an ass we’d all love to eat!

Engelberth’s intricately beautiful tattoos run along his chest, shoulders, legs and arms — the body art accents his good Latin looks. He has those puppy dog eyes that make you want to take him home with you. He is a guy who is always looking to please and get pleased. In spite of his edgy, tattooed look, this Venezuelan porn stud is sweet and shy until he takes off his clothes. Engelberth knows what he’s good at, and that’s taking a cock up his ass!

He especially loves it when his meat flops and bounces off of his stomach while his top choice of the night has to rail his ass. And the best part of all is when the top grabs a hold and pumps his load out! When we asked Engelberth why he decided to become a gay porn model, he said: “I have always been a very sexually charged person. I have always been confident in my skin, and that confidence paired with my very charged libido inspired me to become a gay porn model.” His main goal in life is to be happy and healthy, therefore he tries to be happy in his own way.

Engelberth made his Frankfurt Sex Stories debut getting his ass railed by Tian Tao and Leo Bulgari in the hot threesome scene, “Dicked Down.” Engelberth is a self-confessed power bottom and a skilled one at that, a boy who wants to live out his fantasies in front of the camera. No question about it, he’s our kind of man!


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