DICKED DOWN | PART 1 – Engelberth, Leo Bulgari, Tian Tao



All that beautiful maleness spread wide open on the bed. Big-dicked Tian Tao has his flesh feast spread out in front of him. Living by his own rules and taking what he wants. Getting sucked and fucking ass like a pro because that’s how he was made. Things get hotter when Tian calls his fuck buddy Engelberth asking him to come over and take care of his hard dick. Engelberth is a masculine guy, but in the bedroom he loves transforming into a big bottom bitch. His young muscle ass wants to be used, stretched and filled. Engelberth is a full service fuck boy!

Tian gives Engelberth what he wants and then takes what he needs. Engelberth swallows that BIG FAT COCK over and over. Tian loves to dominate and he goes right down to Engelberth’s throat, making his eyes water and his holes hungry. Engelberth gives Tian a passionate blow job, but the muscular top has one hole on his mind, and it’s not Engelberth’s mouth. He flips Engelberth over to eat his ass before shoving his rock hard meat deep in Engelberth’s hole. Tian devours Engelberth with his tongue, his fingers, and his eyes.

He then moves to Engelberth’s meaty ass, slides in the hole and starts by fucking him doggy. Engelberth takes it hard, and Tian delivers a passionate pounding from behind. Switching positions, Engelberth rides Tian and spreads his legs so Tian can get between them and drill his hole deep. Tian realizes that Engelberth needs more than just one dick and calls another fuck buddy, Leo Bulgari to join them. When Leo steps in, he is hard as a rock and wants immediately a mouth around his throbbing dick. With a dick in his mouth and another one up his hole, Engelberth is in heaven, unleashing all his sexual tension.

The hot threesome action continues in “Dicked Down – Part 2”.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: November 3, 2023
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