HAIRY FUCKERS – Donnie Marco, Adam Stahl


hairy fuckers


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Hairy Fuckers  Ultra HD  (50fps)       22:02min.


Hairy studs, Donnie Marco and Adam Stahl are hanging out and getting hot and heavy on the couch, getting each other revved up. As the hunger for sex gets more and more passionate, the two men are bulging thru their sexy underwear. Adam quickly slides Donnie’s white underwear down and immediately takes every inch of his big cock in his mouth. Soon, Adam is on his knees and swallows every uncut inch of Donnie’s throbbing dick down his throat. Wrapping his lips around Adam’s huge cock, Donnie reciprocates eagerly, spreading his warm saliva up and down Adam’s shaft. After letting Donnie gulp down his thick dick, Adam gives Donnie’s tongue direct access to his hairy, pink hole.

With his fingers, Donnie probes Adams’s sweet hole, opening him up wide. He laps up the hairy crack with nice, wet strokes as he rims Adam, preparing him for his thick, bare cock. With Adam’s hole thick with spit, Donnie slides his girthy boner deep into Jacob’s backside. Adam loves the feel of Donnie stretching him out and wants it even deeper. Donnie delivers a full-throttle pounding that hits Adam in all the right places. Adam takes every thrust from Donnie’s uncut, raw pole before climbing on top to take every inch of Donnie for a ride. Adam can’t get enough and switches to his back so he can watch Donnie go all the way in and out. Knowing that Adam has given Donnie the ultimate intimate pleasure makes him ready to blow. Donnie strokes a puddle of cum all over Adam’s sweaty stomach and Adam jerks his hard cock until gobs of white cum erupt on his hairy torso.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro

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Date: June 16, 2020

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