OFFICE FUCKERS PART I – Alexis Clark, Romeo Davis, Saverio



Office Fuckers Part I –  Ultra HD  26:05min.


High-powered executive Saverio is horned up and takes a little break form office work by looking at porn. Opening his shirt, Saverio reveals his muscular torso dappled with fine hair. He gets the attention from coworker Alexis Clark. Soon the two office studs make a move on each other and locked in a kiss that quickly leads to pulling out their uncut cocks and start stroking them. They are abruptly interrupted when delivery man Romeo Davis comes in. The two horny studs invite the handsome delivery man to join the fun. Romeo pulls down his pants and unleashes his enormous slab of meat. Saverio wants to sample each of the studs’ throbbing monster dicks. He samples Romeo first before he takes a turn with Alexis, giving each of them equal time with his cock hungry mouth. Saverio wraps his lips around Romeo’s massive, uncut cock and works it to the base, opening up his throat and swallowing it as deep as he can. With all three men fully naked, Saverio kneels to the ground and deepthroats both cocks while he reaches down and strokes himself his hard cock.

After taking turns on both cocks down his throat, Saverio offers up his succulent hole for a taste. Bending Saverio over the desk, tattooed stud Romeo spreads Saverio’s cheeks and runs his tongue along the length of Saverio’s crack. Using his tongue, he glazes Saverio’s hole with spit and pushes it in with his finger. Simultaneously, Saverio rotates so that he can suck on Alexis’ hard cock. Both Romeo and Alexis take turns and tongue-fuck Saverio’s hungry ass to lube it up and prepare it for something bigger. Watch in part two how the two hunky studs Romeo and Alexis pound away with their massive cocks on Saverio’s tight round ass.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


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Date: February 9, 2021

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