PHOTO SHOOT VOL.2 Part II – Paul Vinzent, Jay Lover, Dartcore

Photo Shoot Vol.2 Part II



When sexy photographer Paul walks in, he gets horned up and accepts Jay’s invitation to join for a threesome fun. Handsome Paul joins the couple as he slowly undresses, revealing his perfectly fit and hairy body. The sparks fly and they all ready to unleash their sexual tension. Paul is hard as a rock and wants a mouth around his throbbing dick. Jay is happy to oblige by offering up his wet, drooling mouth to be used. Paul needs more than just a mouth and bends Jay over to mount up and fuck his ass as Dartcore continues pounding Jay’s face from the front.

The energy intensifies, and Paul takes charge sliding his bare cock into Jay’s hole. Taking a cock from both ends, Jay moves back and forth, servicing both cocks at the same time.  As each man thrusts inside him from each end, muscle stud Jay submits to his body’s pleasure and takes everything they have to give. Paul and Dartcore continue to fuck Devin with wild abandon, taking turns plugging his face and ass. Jay gets on his knees, servicing both cocks with his mouth at the same time.

The three studs can’t get enough of each other as they switch it up to take turns on Jay’s eager ass. As Paul drives in and out of Jay, Dartcore takes his place behind Paul and the studs form a chain with Jay getting pleasure from both the front and the back. Dartcore is ready to burst, he lets go and bursts into Paul’s open mouth. With his body writhing and his holes filled with cock, Jay erupts with his own load and covers himself with warm, thick jizz.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: July 30, 2021
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