FRANKFURT HOOKUPS PART II – Tobias Malek, Donnie Marco, Eddie Star



At a sleazy gay bar in downtown Frankfurt, Tobias Malek, Donnie Marco and Eddie Star run into each other and can barely keep their hands off each other’s toned up, hairy bodies. Donnie  stands outside the cruise bar with his cock stiff and hard in his hands. Kneeling down, Tobias enthusiastically opens his mouth and swallows Donnie’s monster cock. Sitting down on a couch, Donnie offers his cock to Tobias and Eddie, who both greedily slobber on Donnie’s long, hard shaft. As the two studs suck on Donnie’s cock, Donnie follows his instincts and starts rimming Tobias’ tight hole. Spreading Tobias’ meaty ass, Donnie dives his tongue for an epic rim job. He loves rimming Tobias’ shaved hole, which is soon drenched in slick saliva. All the ass play gets Tobias ready for action and he bends over to let Donnie plow him with his giant dick. Taking advantage of the natural lubricant Tobias bends over to take every inch of Donnie as the hung stud plows his eager ass. With Donnie filling up his hole, Tobias jerks his meat and blows Eddie’s throbbing cock at the same time.

Eddie loves to fuck Tobias deep in his mouth but now he wants his turn. He and Donnie take turns using Tobias’ hole and mouth to fulfill their sexual needs. As the energy of this perfect match-up builds, making a bold move, Eddie wants dick in his ass too. Spreading up his legs he lets Donnie fuck his ass while Tobias fucks his pretty face. The three men continue to suck and fuck in different configurations, all of them becoming increasingly drunk with manlust. Eddie lets loose and blasts his load all over his hairy abs. Tobias unloads all over Eddie’s face  and Donnie is quick to follow and adds his thick rope to the mix.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: April 21, 2020
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