RAW IMPACT – Alex Morgan, Pavel Sora



Lovers Alex Morgan and Pavel Sora live the idyllic dream of a comfortable and relaxing weekend in their cosy bedroom. These two men are ready to indulge their mutual desire in a steamy session of sucking and fucking. Handsome Pavel finds himself lying in a bed on the receiving end of a wet blowjob by his insatiable boyfriend Alex, who does a superb job of slobbering over Pavel’s prick. Alex’ cravings are satisfied through lots of tender play and persistent cock sucking. He dives onto Pavels’s long uncut dick and hearty meatballs, greedily feeding himself. After Alex had a taste of Pavel’s meat, Pavel bends Alex over on all fours and shoves his cock in Alex’ hungry hole, as Alex grunts and groans with every thurst. Alex wants more, so pavel gives it to him by sliding his long rod deep into Alex’ ass crack, bareback. Alex takes it like a champ, and after he gets used to his boyfriend’s cock stretching his walls, sexy Pavel goes back in pounding Alex’ tight hole relentlessly.

It’s not long before Alex’ legs are up in the air, as Pavel climbs in between them and slides his long prick into Alex’ chute. With a look of absolute bliss on his face, Alex receives his ass-reaming like a pro. Pavel fucks Alex up the ass, working with fervor as his balls swing back and forth. Alex sits on top of Pavel’s hefty flagpole and rides him hard, sighing with every slide up and down. Pavel continues to screw Alex even more as he lays on his back. Alex is still hungry for more and opens his mouth wide as he hops off Pavel’s cock to take a massive creamy facial before he gobbles up all the cum.

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: May 10, 2020
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