WRESTLING HUNKS | PART 1 – Andre Cruise, Ricky Hard, Sultan Rhodos



The two wrestlers Andre Cruise and Ricky Hard are in the middle of a heated workout when suddenly their wrestling moves become more passionate. As they grapple, their bodies become more entwined, until finally they are in a passionate embrace. Their wrestling moves become more and more intimate, until finally they are groping each other. The two studs wrestle on the mat. Andre pins Ricky, but then Ricky pulls a reverse on Andre and has him in a hold. Andre drops to the wrestling mat, giving Ricky grade-A head.

He sucks on Ricky’s fat dick as Ricky fucks his face. Andre goes deep to train his throat with loads of stringy spit and precum to lube it all up. As their passion grows, they are both moaning in ecstasy. Coach Sultan Rhodos bursts into the room, yelling at them: “You should be training and not fucking around”! He kicks Andre out of the room and takes Ricky to task. They both start to punch pads while Sultan eggs Ricky to go harder and faster. Ricky gets exhausted, falling on his knees. “I cannot go on any longer”.

Ricky knows he has a lot of work to do to get on his coaches good side again and doesn’t waste a minute taking the muscle stud’s hard cock down his throat. Without words, the hunks instinctively know what they both want next. Sultan face fucks and gags the cock greedy boy with his hard daddy dick before he falls on his knees to suck his trainee’s big, uncut dick. After an intense tongue-fucking session, the hot coach commands his handsome trainee: “I am so horny, come on, fuck me”!

Ricky bends Sultan over with the boxing bag for support as he gets his coach primed and ready for some hardcore fucking. Ricky takes the reins by slipping his thick, dripping cock deep inside Sultan’s open and throbbing hole. Sweat covers their bodies as the action gets more and more intense. The action continues in “Wrestling Hunks Part 2”, when Andre joins for a hot threesome!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: July 31, 2023
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