PHOTO SHOOT VOL.4 – Tian Tao, Saverio


photo shoot


Saverio is a model at a photo shoot for men’s underwear. Things start innocently enough as he poses, under the guidance of photographer Tian Tao. As the photographer’s “pouch gets bigger” he cannot resist exposing to his model his big and hard boner. The two horny men get comfortable with each other and the action starts to get steamy. The hairy and muscled model takes advantage of the situation, drops to his knees and takes the photographer’s pumped, meaty cock into his hungry mouth. Saverio sucks his way up and down Tian’s huge cock and those massively weighed balls, that obviously need to be drained.

Saverio’s excellent cocksucking skills are on full display as he swallows Tian’s massive cock. Saverio is an expert cocksucker and loves the feel of a hard cock sliding down his throat. The hairy bottom deep throats Tian and begs for that cock till the top pounds him in doggy style. Tian brings both men’s desire to a higher level that really heats up the photo set. The photographer flips his sexy model and begins feasting on his manly ass, knowing that he will soon be slamming that hot ass with his impressive cock.

Saverio gets on all 4’s and Tian rams his raw cock deep into Saverio’s cock hungry ass. The fucking is at a steady pace as Saverio’s cock is rock solid from the sensation of the girth of Tian’s cock filling his ass with total pleasure. Getting flipped again, Saverio is on his back and the mere sight of Tian’s huge cock and massive balls dueling it out over which gets to fuck Saverio is impressive. Saverio flips again and this time takes to lowering his hungry ass down onto Tian’s straining cock. Shoving his cock back into Saverio’s ass, Tian picks up the pace and gives Saverio a hard fucking.

Finally Tian grabs his cum loaded cock and begins stroking it, telling Saverio “I’ll shoot everything on your face”. Saverio opens his mouth and is ready to drink all the cum load he deserves! Tian blows his load all over Saverio’s bearded chin and Saverio laps the last of his load. With Saverio on his knees and Tian’s hot cum lingering on his tongue, he catches and swallows every drop with his cum hungry mouth. What a great and successful photo shoot!

Directed by Nick Mazzaro


Date: April 23, 2023
Models: Saverio / Tian Tao
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